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Would highly recommend, Matt is obviously very experienced and thorough in his assessment. The massage was excellent and felt both relaxing and therapeutic. Matt also gave me very helpful advice.
5 days ago
2 months ago
I have never been to a massage therapy before and didn't know what to expect. I came with a neck and hip problem, not knowing what's actually wrong with me. After assessing me for a few minutes Matt gave me a detailed review of my body and told me what's causing all these problems. It turned out it's nothing to do with my hip or neck, it's just my very bad posture. He gave me a sport's massage afterwards, which was a bit painful but very helpful and made me feel loads better afterwards! Also showed me a lot of good stretches to do by myself. Would definitely recommend him! Will definitely go see him again if I need any more advice on my posture
3 months ago
Good sports massage on problem areas. Feeling much better
Rachel Ferla
4 months ago
Very useful massage. Not to be mixed up with a "rub", this one will sort out bad posture and aches and pains at the root.
7 months ago
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Massage Therapy Sheffield with Matt Tregellas
Sheaf Bank Business Park
Unit R7D
S2 3AA

'''Massage Therapy''' is Sports Massage plus. Why? Because it: # is for everyone, including - but not limited to - athletes, # uses a range of techniques, including - but not limited to - massage This is why we prefer to call it '''Massage Therapy'''. If you use your body on a daily basis, as we all do, stress and strain is impossible to avoid. The effect of a daily run on the legs and knees may be easy to spot, but what about the hours spent each day sat in front of a computer, or carrying a baby, or using machinery, or the cummulative effects of bad posture or the incidental injury that comes from lifting something heavier than we're used to. The truth is, we are all subject to the same sprains, strains, overuse and fatigue as athletes through our daily activities, especially when they are repetitive. Massage Therapy uses a range of techniques to aid recovery from both chronic and acute injuries for both athletes and non-athletes alike. My Menu doesn't differentitate specific massage techniques such as trigger point therapy or Swedish, as a well-planned therapeutic massage will combine a range of techniques according to the specific needs of the client. My treatments may include: * Swedish Massage - effluerage and petrissage * Neuromuscular Techniques (Trigger Point Therapy) * Deep frictions * Connective-tissue Massage * Myofascial Release * Soft-tissue Release * Post-isometric relaxation (PIR) and reciprocal inhibition (RI) * Joint mobilisations You have the following three options: # '''Therapeutic Massage''' - for the treatment of a specific condition of the body's soft-tissues such as frozen shoulder, stiff or tight back and neck, joint pain, RSI, chronic muscle tightness, postural imabalance and more. If in doubt, get in touch. The treatment will be localised according to the condition being treated. # '''Maintenance Massage''' - for keeping the body in a good condition overall and to treat areas of tension before they build in to more serious issues. The treatment may be whole-body or more localised according to the needs identified in the assessment and during treatment. # '''Relaxation Massage''' - to help you relax and de-stress. This type of massage uses fewer techniques, focussing on long, broad strokes which facilitate deep relaxation. The whole body will be treated. For therpeutic and maintenance massage your first treatment will include a free consultation and assessment. Please choose the correct option in the menu so the corrct amount of time is booked in my schedule. This is not necessary for relaxation massage. 787 1027






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