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Lashious Brighton
Lashious Brighton
Lashious Beauty,
37 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2EB
United Kingdom

Beauty Salon

Lashious Brighton
Lashious Beauty,
37 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2EB
United Kingdom

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Mon - Wed 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
Thur - Fri 9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Posted 4 months ago
Horrible experience.
I've been crying for the last hour because of how badly treated I was whilst getting my brows done at the shop just outside of Churchill Square.
Very similar experience to the previous reviews.

I walked in, and wasn't spoken to by the beautician, only pointed at to sit. She didn't even say hello to me before she started threading my eyebrows.
She didn't ask if I would like them waxed or threaded.
She didn't ask if I'd ever had it done before.

I was flinching and kicking whilst trying to say still, which the beautician didn't pay attention to, but carried on.
When I said how much it was hurting me she mumbled something incoherently, which I told her I couldn't understand. She sighed at me and carried on threading.

When she had finished one eyebrow, I tried to look in the mirror to see what she had done, which she shouted at me for, telling me to sit back and that she had not finished. When I tried to say this wasn't the shape or thickness I like, she told me again to be quiet and that she was still doing the other eyebrow.

I eventually asked her to take a break from threading, as the pain was unbearable. She snapped at me that she had offered me waxing (when she had incoherently mumbled and then refused to repeat herself when I said "pardon"), and said no she could not take a break as she was almost done.

The shape and thickness was not how I prefer my eyebrows.
Not that it mattered because she didn't ask me, ever.

Then the tint.

And this is the but I'm really mad at.

I have fair ginger hair.

I now have dark brown eyebrows.

The only reason I paid for this terrible service was because if I were to speak to explain, I would have burst in to tears in the middle of the shop.

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Posted 7 months ago
Absolutely terrible!!!!!!
Walked into their new salon just outside of Churchill Square. I was told eyebrows were a walk-in and wait service. There was one lady ahead of me already getting her eyebrows done so I waited. Another lady walked in and sat down next to me. When the first lady finished, the lady next to me who just arrived budded ahead in front of me because she had an appointment booked for 4 pm but it was no 4:45. I then had to wait for this lady to have her services which took another 30min!! I should have walked away from this bad sign. I sat down to get my eyebrows threaded and this was the most painful experience of my life! I have gotten my eyebrows threaded for the past 6 years so am very accustomed to the pain. This felt like she was ripping my skin off with her thick coarse thread! I have naturally thick eyebrows and love to keep them thick and explicitly told the aesthetician this. I could feel her plucking away a lot of hair at the end and reminded her again i liked them thick. At the end I was horrified to see that she left me with VERY THIN eyebrows!!! Hopefully they will grow back but I DEFINITELY WILL NOT BE RETURNING. Absolutely terrible, please change your eyebrow aesthetician.

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Posted 8 months ago
I have experienced the worst beauty treatment i have ever had at your salon.
I was a walk in appointment at 16.25 pm.

I asked to have my eyebrows threaded and i was appointed to a beauty therapist and they didn't say hello to me and just pointed at the chair for me to sit down.

The first thing i said to the beauty therapist was that i liked my eye brows thick.

I was given no instructions on what she was doing and she didn't ask if i had my eyebrows done before.
The beauty therapist then pushed my head back in the chair and started to thread my eyebrows.

I have had my eyebrows threaded at another salon many times and i have always been asked to hold the skin around my eyebrows to stop the thread catching my skin.

Your beauty therapist did not ask me do this. due to her not asking me to do this she caused me a lot of pain and discomfort.

I am very used to the pain of threading but this pain was on another level i nearly had to told her to stop but didn't want half done eyebrows.

The beauty therapist then moved on to plucking my eyebrows, again she was pinching my skin very hard to get the hair.
This is not normal practice when plucking eye brows.

After she had finished my eyebrows and she told me to look in the mirror and i was horrified my eyebrows were now very very thin.
I was shocked at the result and told the beauty therapist they are so thin! I then repeated that i told her that i liked them thick.

The beauty therapist then shrugged and i said i didn't tell her i liked them thick.
I was very angry that she had caused me pain whilst doing my eyebrows and made my eye brows look horrendous.

The beauty therapist kept repeating to get them tinted and that they would like thicker when tinted.
I said okay but i am not paying for this and wanted it free of charge and the beauty therapist then applied the tint.

My eyebrows then stung because you shouldn't apply tint on after threading as this causes discomfort.
The beauty therapist had such a bad attitude and was very abrupt with applying the tint.

My eyebrows were now bearable to look at.
I then paid and left.

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Verified review Visited March 2015
Posted 1 year ago
Bit pricey but she did a great job on my brows, which I am trying to grow back so always a bit nervous to have someone new thread them! She really listened to me and didn't take too much off, exactly as I'd wanted :) Even though it is in the shopping centre it didn't feel like you were out in the open, they have a really cute up.

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Posted 2 years ago
First time getting threading done here lashious in Brighton although not my first time having threading done have to say the lady did you first class job very thorough it's not cheap but not unreasonable will definitely be back

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