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Claudia is my favourite hairstylist - she is so friendly and interested, and always asks if I'd like a drink or magazine. Thank you for making my experience so fun.
Charlotte Taylor
3 days ago
Claudia is really lovely and friendly, and does my hair beautifully.
Charlotte Taylor
4 days ago
qurratul munnee
11 days ago
The massage was very relaxing and great!
13 days ago
Terrible service. I was booked in for full head highlights and wash, cut with a blow dry. I turned up and one of the women (I dont even know her name because she was to busy talking to another lady in her own language to introduce her self) started dry cutting my hair, normally with highlights my hair is always cut after. So she did a terrible dry cut, didn't even wet my hair. She didn't really talk to me as she was more interested in talking to other people around. Then another lady came who didn't speak English and started slapping the bleach on my head, She didn't ask me what colour or what I wanted. I said is my hair ok for this high percentage of bleach you are using, she just smiled. The highlights were uneven, I tried to tell her to equal it out but she didn't really understand and said it's fine. She left them all on for the same amount of time so the ones in my fringe were a totally different colour to the ones underneath. When she washed my hair she left the conditioner on it for like 1 second, it obviously needed to be rubbed in considering she had just put such a high bleach on my head. As it was cut first before the bleach... it was dry, so the hair cut at the beginning was completely pointless. There were big chunks of hair inbetween so it looked striped and the condition of my hair is so terrible. I went in with shiny hair and came out with frazzled, dry hair that is a strange colour. If I had of been paying in cash it would of been a different story but as it was booked through treatwell the money had already been taken from my account. I wasn't offered a drink throughout the whole 3 and a half hours I was there. Not a pleasant place.
18 days ago
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Klaudd Day Spa
463 High Road Leytonstone
E11 4JU

Located 10 minutes from Leyton station, Klaudd Day Spa offer luxurious hair and beauty treatments in the heart of East London. A minute away from Wanstead Flats, this contemporary spa provide a range of different treatments designed to leave you feeling radiant.

Their cosy interior houses a wealth of different beauty rooms and stations, allowing you to enjoy a full and comprehensive pamper experience. Reinvent your style in their modern salon front. Or escape to an ocean of tranquility in their relaxed private treatment rooms. Whether it is a quick trim you’re after or an afternoon of indulgence, Klaudd Day Spa aim to give you everything you need.

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