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The hotel room was lovely. We got a free upgrade and the massage was brilliant...but the pool was awfully cloudy. I didn't particularly want to go in there...pools shouldn't be so cloudy you can barely see the bottom! The pool was a lot smaller than advertised..I spoke to a few people in the spa and they completely agreed. it was rather odd having the people in the gym looking out into the pool while you're trying to relax. We paid for breakfast and dinner buffets and I called before to confirm both were buffets as my partner has allergies but we only had a VERY limited menu to choose from for dinner...not a buffet which we weren't very impressed with. We were also told only one of us were down as having breakfast! Even though the package stated breakfast and dinner per person! The pool was a big let down but overall alI I would definitely come back and stay at the hotel!
5 months ago
My husband and I had a wonderful stay. The staff were very hospitable, polite and friendly. Our room was spacious and clean. Minimal wear and tear but nothing to grumble about when you have a great deal. Food was really tasty and the breakfast one of the best i've had, including a pancake and waffle maker at breakfast, eggs cooked to your liking and always plenty of choice. 2 pubs within walking distance that do food and one had a play area in the garden as well as a large green for kids to play footy or run around. Bus stop to get into Maidstone town centre just across the road, shops very close and I'm sure I saw a Mcdonalds sign up the road! will definitely return.
5 months ago
I would like to say that we were happy with the stay in the hotel, meaning the food and Breakfast in the Seasons was good and the staff were very friendly helpful and the rooms were clean. But I was rather upset to think that my friend went to so much trouble to book a lovely spa weekend for us both, as she wanted to do it for me as a gift, as she knew I really needed this break, as I hadn’t been very well, only to find that when we went down to the Spa area on the Saturday morning for our massage, the swimming pool was so busy with children’s swimming lessons and people in there from the general public. Only two loungers were available, but they were too close to the pool, so you was getting splashed, the steam room was not working, the swimming pool was cold, so you couldn’t really be in there long and when we spoke to a member of staff about the swimming pool being cold all he said was ‘well it has been like that for a couple of days and we don’t know why’ , plus when we were sitting in the Jacuzzi we had been sitting in there for two sessions and then we get told please could we get out, so other people could use it. I wouldn’t mind, we were getting out anyway, plus there was still room in there for people to get in. We was in there for 3 reasons. Firstly, we wanted to use it, secondly the swimming pool was so cold and thirdly we were both told by the lady who massaged us it would be her recommendation to use the Jacuzzi. So all this was far from a relaxing weekend that my friend wanted for me and myself. So all in all whilst the hotel, food and breakfast was good, the rest of the hotel stay was not relaxing.
8 months ago
Pros : food OK apart from the slow service , treatment staff very good. Cons: bed creaked every time you moved, no toilet brush, staff rude , I could go on but this is the third review I have wrote to no avail!
Peter mason
9 months ago
9 months ago
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Whether conducting business, keeping up with a fitness routine or looking to spend quality time with your family, our Hilton hotel is here to make the most of your stay by offering the services you need, the amenities you expect, and the extras you deserve. During the festive period, please be aware that the swimming pool, sauna, steam room and whirlpool have reduced opening and closing hours during selected days.

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