Health And Vitality Centre
41A North End Road
West Kensington
W14 8SZ

Health and Vitality Centre (earlier called Kensington Yoga and Therapy Centre) is keen on promoting Ayurveda, accepted as the earliest medical science in the world, which is a holistic science of healthy living.

Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old and is amazingly holistic in it's approach. It looks at the mind and the body as an inseparable partnership and believes that the best cures are the ones that go to the root cause of the problem. Llfe-style advice, good diet, herbal remedies and detox procedures form the key methods an Ayurvedic expert will treat you.

Through the centre we are keen to spread more information about Ayurveda. We are keen to do more than just provide pampering massages and see how you can fine tune your body with a blend of herbal medicines, diet, yoga and meditation.

The venue is located quite near West Kensington tube station as well as Olympia tube station. It is on the first and second floors of 41A Northend Road (which used to be an Ebenezer Chapel, circa 200 years ago!).

Health and Vitality Centre is the joint venture of Madhavbaug India (www.madhavbaug.org) which is one of the largest providers of Ayurvedic care in western India, running more than 150 centres and 2 inpatient hospitals in and around Mumbai. Their specialty is prevention of ischaemic heart disease and rehab after heart attacks. They look after more than 10,000 clients each week in India using exclusive Ayurvedic methods of treatment. Our long term goal is to make Ayurveda main-stream medicine.

Our therapists at the Health and Vitality Centre have a background in western system of massage but have been trained in Ayurvedic massage systems. Thus we deliver the core ethos of of Ayurveda and tit's therapies such as massage in a manner that blends the best of east and west.

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