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Great value for money vs central London venues. Natasha was friendly and really knew her stuff.
Natasha Jeffers
13 days ago
Natasha has been tremendous in my facial care and in my general well-being. I had lots of acne, pigmentation and scarring. I had also wrinkled and aged with very dry skin. As a result, I would put heavy make up on which didn't help. Initially when I came across her site via Wahanda now treat well, I was a little hesitant as I had been to a number of facial therapists and all I was paying for was huge amount of money but not much visible improvement and each therapist would advise me to buy different moisturisers and face cleansers that added to huge costs as I was desperate for my condition to get better. I gave it one last shot to try Natasha. On my 1st visit I felt hopeful as I had visible instant results. My face was rejuvenated despite the pigments.With subsequent visits I started seeing huge improvement with the pigment/scarring and the overall texture of my skin. For the 1st time in a long time my face was glowing, more youthful and amazing. More and more I began to use less makeup and I now have become a much more confident person in my outlook and have received many compliments. Natasha is a person who cares and is so passionate about the health and betterment of your skin. She is excellent in spotting your skin's concern and solution plus has hands that heal. I just had a classic facial which I call maintenance facial. She has been a blessing to me and I wouldn't change her for the world.
17 days ago
If I could give 10 stars I would. Lovely environment and wow is this an interesting lady!!! Great chat, good value, very interested in the services she has to offer and will definitely be going back!!! 5 stars for good energy :)
Sammy Fell
18 days ago
Yet another great massage. I went in with a lot of pain and Natasha went above and beyond to made sure I came out feeling brand new and I sure did. She is very knowledgeable and gave me lots of useful information that can be used for my well being. Can't wait to book my other treatment.
a month ago
Unfortunately I didnt have a good experience, the facial left me with a weeping wound on my face. The therapists initial response was to ask me several times if I had scratched my own face (I hadn't - she had gone over that area several times with the microdermabrasion equipment), and then say it was related to my medication (which I had disclosed at assessment). I was disappointed in my experience as had high hopes from the reviews I read.
a month ago
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Health and Beauty Clinic
1 Saint Marys Road
South Norwood
SE25 6UT

Health and Beauty Clinic is a home based salon, especially created for woman. However, we do cater for men depending on the treatment ie laser treatments/sports massages. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a unique, quality and holistic service with a new-age approach to beauty. Offering our clients a range of tailor made treatments applying our famous holistic approach to healing. We specialise not only in laser hair removal, but also pulsed electric magnetic therapy, skin rejuvenation, certified sports massages, pigmentation clearing, slimming and facials to spiritual healing. At Health and Beauty we connect with the inner and outer being, rejuvenating mind, body and spirit. We believing that beauty is more than skin deep.

Each of our clients is treated by a trained, competent and certified therapist that is specialised in the human anatomy and physiology. We will help identify and treat problem areas with great attention and dedication to each individual’s needs. Helping clients to re-energise, re-balance and repair their mind, body and spirit. Our rejuvenating facials will leave your skin in pristine condition, and results last for weeks. Slimming treatments are professionally monitored to achieve your desired shape, it is effortless and pain-free.

Please note: Unfortunately we currently only accept cash payments on the day of treatment, but payments can be made online before should you prefer.

A few areas of expert treatments are: We specialise in Laser Hair Removal.Laser skin rejuvenation, pigmentation Pulsed Electra Magnetic Field Therapy which helps: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Back and Joint Pain, Fracture healing, Spine pain, Hypothyroidism, Carpel tunnel, brain recovery strokes, rehabilitation of muscles.

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