GIGI London Medical Aesthetics
Colebrooke House, First Floor
10-12 Gaskin Street
N1 2RY

GiGi London-MA offers a wide range of services that come under three broad categories of Advanced Beauty, Medical Aesthetic Excellence and Total Well-Being.

Whether you are looking for something specific, or a more prescriptive solution to help you achieve your objectives, I can confirm from my personal experience that it is not unusual to find that people to have limited understanding of the solutions available. I therefore recommend that you book in for a consultation. Whilst there are sound medical justifications for coming to GiGi London-MA, I believe that you will also find it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Our treatments are suitable for both men and women and we have a very wide range of client base of all age groups. We encourage feedback, so please do write to us from the review and share your experiences so that we may continually improve our services and assist other people to make their treatment choices.

We are now able to offer the Asyra Pro health screening system. This also provides advice, guidance and remedies to improve your health. Our team is led by Dr Rupal. I personally found this beneficial as it helped me to improve my lymphatic drainage, and I have now stopped taking water retention tablets, that I had depended upon for nearly 30 years. I had been to numerous specialists over the years who had simply advised me to continue with the medication as they could not find/cure the underlying problem! Need I say more...

Sujata Naik, Business Director

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