17b (unit 20d), St George Wharf

Floatworks started life in 1993 in a small unit in Clink Street SE1, just 5 minutes walk from our current location. We built two float rooms and installed two of the old "coffin-style" float tanks, which were as appealing as they sound... big, ugly and uninviting. Their design didn't help at all in trying to convince a sceptical public to try a float session. A few brave customers took the plunge, however, and were very quickly telling their friends about their experiences.

Before long we were fully booked every day, and decided to invest in a third tank. We thought that the extra capacity would be sufficient to cater for the demand that we were experiencing, but within a matter of weeks we were back to turning custom away. Around the same time we received notice from our landlord that he would not be renewing our lease as he wanted to sell the building to a property developer.

This spurred us into looking for bigger premises, and in 2000 we were fortunate enough to find the perfect building just around the corner in Thrale Street. We built 6 floatation suites, making us the biggest floatation centre in the world, and installed the next generation of float tank in our quest for the perfect float experience.

Fast forward to 2009 and we have extended our current premises to include a further 3 tanks. Our 9 tanks are constantly busy, with over 1500 customers visiting us each month. In our 16 years of trading we have now sent over 120,000 customers back into the world with a sunnier disposition than when they arrived.

We are constantly looking for new ways in which to improve our service, and have spent the last three years designing and building our own floatation product the i-sopod.

Full details of this all new and innovative product are available at i-sopod

We have acted as agents for various float tank manufacturers over the years, and have become the first port of call for many people wishing to open their own floatation centres throughout the World. We advise on all aspects of floatation therapy and the successful running of a float centre, from design of the premises through to marketing, and are always happy to pass on the expertise which we have gained in our 16 years of operation.

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