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3 months ago
professional , clean , no problems great value for money !!!!!!
a year ago
I have been treated by Dr Baba at this clinic on and off for just over a couple of years and have only been truly satisfied with treatments a couple of times. Botox ceases to have an effect after 6-8 weeks and top ups are not advised. The one time Restylane SubQ did not last at all which was just as well as the nose to mouth lines were made more prominent. I’ve insisted on Radiesse since but have caught an infection from this on one occasion in which Dr Baba brought anti-biotics to my home. I have had Sculpture which left me with nodules. Dr Baba did warn me of the possible side effect but said he could get rid of nodules with massage. We tried this but the massage left me so swollen and the nodules are still there. Having the Threading treatment with Dr Baba has been the last straw for me. I don’t think the procedure was properly explained to me before the treatment and one side of my face swelled to the size of a balloon. Within a week the swelling had reduced but I felt uneven and more asymmetric than ever. Dr Baba did administer some temporary filler, free of charge. Now the swelling has completely gone. I expected the threads to have a tightening effect on the jowls but it has made them worse with a little puckering here and there too, the jaw is just not as smooth as it was. Dr Baba has explained that there should be an improvement over the next 3 months once the collagen has set in. However he did say there would be a 10-15% improvement immediately and its more 20% in the other direction. This last treatment has cost me £800 for the privilege of looking worse than prior to the procedure and just in time for Christmas, I don’t hold out much hope for improvement over the next 2-3 months. I have asked for a refund but have only been offered a reduction in costs for more treatments. I would not recommend this establishment at all.
2 years ago
I went into this clinic with high hopes, having received years of Botox injections from reputable plastic surgeons (not standard physicians, or those who like to self-title themselves on their websites as "injection artists") in the past. I know the procedure, I know the difference between authentic Botox and generic, I know how many units I require, and I even know (and come equipped with paperwork from former procedures) exactly where each unit needs to go. Please believe me when I tell you that this clinic—and Dr. Baba in particular—are in the business of deceiving clients into paying unnecessary sums of money for unnecessary units of Botox. They achieve this with spectacular condescension (particularly when questioned) and under the mistaken belief that everyone is naive enough to buy what they are selling. And what they are selling, my friends, is a scam. The Botox this clinic uses is authentic (easy to check anywhere you go), but their practices are misleading, their professionalism is non-existent, and their package and unit recommendations far exceed what most require. If you like to overpay for Botox and have it injected with a condescending smile, this is your place. If you prefer honest practitioners who charge a fair price, who will listen to you, and look over the records of plastic surgeons who have treated you for years before, you will be better served elsewhere.
2 years ago


Croydon Cosmetic Clinic
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South Croydon

Croydon Cosmetic Clinic is a skin clinic based in South Croydon that specialises in skin, cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. Their expert team of doctors, therapists and beauticians mean they have become a popular choice in London and Surrey.

Their mission is to provide ethical procedures in a safe and trustworthy environment, giving 100% focus on non-surgical cosmetics. Since most of their procedure are non-surgical they are here to advise you on the best treatments suited to you. All their staff are highly trained professionals who have experience in the field and are committed to their work, meaning you will get the highest quality of service.

A friendly environment, tranquil and calm atmosphere allows you to relax and unwind.The rooms are to an immaculate condition creating a calm and professional space during your appointment.

To get expert advice and professional service then come to the most highly recommended clinic in Croydon.

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