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30 Whitstable Road, Blean, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 9EB
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30 Whitstable Road, Blean, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 9EB

Meet the team


BodyWell Group
30 Whitstable Road

Why more than 12,500 local people choose BodyWell for their health

  • We are dedicated to bring you back to the best of health
  • We focus on you, not just the cause and certainly not the symptom
  • All advice is bespoke to provide you with long term benefits
  • We provide you with easy-to-use and practical solutions
  • We are committed to helping you understand how your body works
  • Our approved approach includes mind fit and nutritional expertise
  • All our staff are highly qualified and hand-picked for service excellence
  • We respect and value time, yours and ours

Achieving the best of health

At BodyWell we are inspired by the vision that everyone should enjoy a life in the best of health. We continually strive to find what makes us well taking us into the realms of nutrition, fitness and mental health.

The secret of Chiropractic

One overriding factor dominates our learning - the Central Nervous System. Everything related to the optimum performance of your body relies on having a nervous system that functions at 100%, as Mother Nature intended. Every cell in your body, every organ, every bone and every muscle is served by the nervous system carrying messages to and from your brain and spinal cord.

As a result we became highly qualified in Chiropractic, the only discipline that is focused on nerve health.

Dedicated centre for better health

With this in mind, we created a state of the art centre in Canterbury to enable anyone of any age to find out if their health problems are related to a lack of nerve function (not all are). By providing an accurate analyses using x-ray, nerve scans and 3D weight-bearing scans, we give you a precise and bespoke corrective healthcare programme to restore the nervous system to its optimum performance so that it can serve your body as it should. This is backed up by on-going care and support enabling you to enjoy a full and healthy life once again.

Award Winning Centre

We explain what the problem is, how to correct it and believe this approach is not only the most effective but also the most beneficial and rewarding for you because you are kept informed and involved every step of the way for you.

We are so proud that over 12,500 people have entrusted their health care to the team at BodyWell, building a thriving practice and a healthcare environment that offers individuals and families the opportunity to live a full life in the best of health.


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