Biothecare Estetika London Islington
222 Essex Road
N1 3AP

Since its creation in October 2008 until today, the Biothecare Estétika franchise has grown up to more than 150 parlours, with 20 beauty centres in Portugal, 2 in Mexico, 5 in the UK and 30 new openings in coming weeks.

Exclusive Yet Affordable Unisex Non Invasive Treatment

In Biothecare Estétika we use 3 key principles that make us different from other beauty clinics. We also provide an exclusive diagnosis method consultation which is offered free of charge to all clients.

Using exclusive optics and practise designed especially for facial analysis, viewing the current condition of your skin we will recommend the best treatments to keep it healthy and help you achieve your goals. Body Anthropometry: This method will help us know your body, measurements and main problems, especially related to cellulite, flaccidity and fat. The aim is to evaluate your problem and advise you the best treatment to solve it.

After evaluating, it’s time to get your treatments. Every person is different and so is every problem. That’s why we personalise all treatments making them right for you, to obtain the maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

We use along with a monitoring aesthetic medical team from our base, which controls the progress and efficiency of every treatment to get the best results for you.

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