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a year ago
I went and had the Cryotherapy treatment on 28th July. The treatment itself was grand, no pain and the girl doing it was lovely. I had it on my tummy, hoping to see if it was worth booking a course of treatment to help shift my stubborn tummy fat, that i can't seem to lose by working out. When we measured the 3 areas of my stomach after, 2 remained the same and i only had half and inch off the other. The girl said it was the lowest result they have had, and people usually have between 1-7 inches off. So i still paid the £45 and left. On my way home i put my hand on my tummy to find these big hard blister type things running down the middle of my stomach. I went back terrified and the girl didn't know what to say, except it had never happened before. She took some pictures, rubbed aloe vera on it and said she would contact the manager so he could ring and speak to me about it. I never heard from him. The next day the lumps had settled into a long red mark, almost like a big birthmark down the whole centre of my stomach. 3days later, im still tender and most of the mark is away except for a bit on my lower tummy that looks like a burn. Im using bio oil on it, hoping it won't scar. I'm annoyed that i paid for the treatments and got no results, just left wondering if i've done lasting damage to my skin. At least i know its not for me.
a year ago
Load of rubbish paid 90 pound to to be told i will defenitly lose inches and lost nothing both myself and my daughter lost nothing a bloodly take on if you ask me
a year ago
a year ago
The basement didn't smell good, like cats had been in there, the staff were very pleasant but the girl doing my facial had very long acrylic nails on which kept slipping up my nose as she tried to do my facial. They were not appropriate for working on someone's face, she couldn't use the cleansing pads, apply product or massage skin properly. It was probably the worst facial I have ever had. Acrylic nails slipping up my nose repeatedly was unnerving and uncomfortable. I felt she was just learning the technique / product and I only felt it on my skin occasionally, as though it was angled incorrectly or was being blocked by her hand rather than appliied to my skin. The other staff member opened the door three times and entered the room twice also which, when you have your eyes covered and are laying down was unnerving. It was impossible to relax and enjoy the experience. I wouldn't recommend to anyone, in fact I'd tell people to not to waste their money.
a year ago
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Cryo Therapy UK brings you the latest in cryo stimulation! A revolutionary new company spreading throughout the UK.

We are a dynamic team with over 60 years experience in the beauty industry. Our therapists are highly professional and trained to give you the ultimate experience in cryo procedures.

Cryotherapy UK brings you the latest technology for natural non-invasive face/body lifts, weight and inch loss, pain and rehab, skin improvements and many other health conditions.

Professional athletes and celebrities in the form of a CryoSauna have used Cryotherapy for years, where the whole body is exposed to freezing temperatures. This is a painful and mentally challenging therapy that needs close professional supervision. Cryotherapy UK avoids the full body shock of the sauna by treating isolated body parts that are said to be relaxing, energising and refreshing.

We are a dynamic team with over 60 years experience in the health, beauty and fitness industry. Our therapists are highly professional and trained to give you the ultimate experience in cryo procedures.

Our highly trained Cryo-Therapist make sure you are totally relaxed, wrapped up in warming towels while they massage and contour your skin to encourage the natural biological health benefits.

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