Laser Clinic Bradford at Cosmetic Clinic
209 Dudley Hill Road

Laser clinic Bradford are proud to bring to you Low Level Laser Hair Restoration and IPL Hair Removal.

Implementing the expertise of twenty-two years in Hair Restoration of HLCC with eighteen years of Clinical Laser Treatments, we offer you a long term solution to healthier more revived hair.

Whether it is minor thinning or genetic pattern baldness, we have plans to suit your needs. This treatment is also suitable for those of you who have had hair implants as we can revive and strengthen the production of your active and slow growth follicles with excellent results. We stimulate and strengthen with our products and laser.

Our products come with natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto which has had various clinical trials done over the years to prove its effectiveness with success. Other products include treatments with added minoxidil that has been patented and FDA approved for its results in improving and activating hair growth.

If you are at the very early stages of hair loss or have suffered for longer give us a call to book your free consultation with one of our hair consultants.

We also offer Permanent Hair Reduction using IPL Combined Radio Frequency Light which targets hair follicles with not only heat but also light to weaken and eventually destroy those unwanted stubborn hairs.

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