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All White Sudbury
All White Sudbury
Market Hill Town Centre,
Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2EN
United Kingdom

Mobile Beauty

All White Sudbury
Market Hill Town Centre,
Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2EN
United Kingdom

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sun Closed
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All White Sudbury part of All White 3000

We have been the UK leader in the Laser Cosmetic Industry since 1998, and have done more teeth whitening than any other company in the UK. We are proud to say that All White 3000 has now become a household name in Britain, with branches in North America, East Asia and Africa.

We were one of the first companies to carry out this treatment in the UK and have tested every kind of teeth whitening treatment and system available throughout the years. We offer our clients the most advanced teeth whitening product on the market.

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Posted 4 years ago
Ok, well i was looking on-line for some how of getting involved in teeth whitening and where i could find training. My mom actually found this company (All White 3000) on-line and from its website it seemed fantastic, great prices, great prospects and great products. So i booked in for my training and paid the £199 deposit for me to do the training. Although my disabled mother would in fact be coming along with me as 'Dan' said she could come along for FREE as i would need someone to actually do the procedures on in any case, so there was no charge for her. 'Dan' was the only person i spoke to from when i first emailed the company and he called me back, until a few weeks later when the training was booked for and we actually arrived at:-

102 High Street, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4UH.

Being such a large company this was my 1st warning sign.

We arrived at a shop with shutters down and the only thing on show being the name of the shop '1o2' Giving no evidence to it even being a cosmetic beauty salon! Lucky really because it was nothing like one! A dirty run down shop with a few free standing walls making so called 'beauty booths'. There was me and my mom, as well as another girl (who was paying) and her friend (who wasnt, the same deal as with my mom). 'Dan' explained to us how he was a trainer for the company 'All White 3000' and had been for a while. So after an initial chat we all went into one of the 'booths' to begin the training.

Now i have had my teeth done 5 times at 2 different places and been along with many friends when they have had theirs done so i already had a basic idea of how things went any ways, much to what seemed to be, 'Dans' shock and horror. Because within minutes of him getting my mom to lie down on the bed i had a question. ''Why was there NO GUM PROTECTION?'' i asked. He said there was no need, it was just extra cost to me. (2nd warning sign) Obviously not true because bleach is NOT good for your gums AT ALL! Hence why the places id been been before (real shops) had ALWAYS used some form of gum protection! If it would have not been for the £199 deposit they already had of my money i'm pretty sure we would have left around this point but 'Dan' assured us it was fine.

So yeah next was the actual bleaching! He started to explain how there are two types of whitening gel's they use at 'All White 3000'. One being an actual bleach, and the other just being a non harmful no bleach gel (as of that used with home whitening kits). BUT, when you are paying to be trained you are told how to TO LIE (mislead) TO CUSTOMERS, or Well, not tell the customer anything about the choices and to always use the 'REAL bleach' for best results! UNLESS, the customers asks/mentions ANYTHING about the option then you should always use the none bleach gel. This confused us ALL so we asked 'So do we lie to the customer?', Dan said, 'well out of a thousand people maybe you will get 1 or 2 that will ask any questions, so you just use bleach on the rest'! This made it VERY clear what sort of people we where now working with although i said that ''personally i would always give them the choice anyway as i would expect if i was the customer.'' Anyway the whole time we are talking my mom is lay on the bed and he has now got out a little pot with bleach in follow by a paintbrush (as of that u would get in a child's paint by numbers book). He said to put the bleach on the brush and paint her teeth. I have NEVER done anything like this before which he knew but i started to try. Due to the lack of GUM PROTECTION the bleach was running down her teeth on to her gums and then gradually all started gathering at the back of her throat. Now this 'minus' the no gum protection is the same with all the procedures i had experienced myself in other teeth whitening salons, easily sorted out with a aspirator (which sucks the spit out your mouth). The WHOLE reason being that i was buying the package from this comapny was that within it you got a 'professional aspirator' and the 'whitening accelerator light' both being pretty expensive pieces of kits but worth it in the long run. Now dan tells me, ''you don't get one of those, theres an additional cost.'' I explained that ''the only reason i have come here to this comapny is because its there in black and white that i do''! I even checked in front of him showing that it said i got 'the professional one as part of the package' and if i wanted the 'mini' aspirator there was a additional charge for that and a portal dental chair if i wished to have that.

At this point we really had just sussed out that it was a total con and either we was going to also become con artists and risk ruining people teeth or we had to leave. We began asking why it had been shown online as if i was going to be getting the most expensive bit of kit as a part of the package but in fact was getting less that half of that advertised on-line? 'Dan' started getting very angry and began swearing at my mom, who is a disabled lady usually confined to a wheelchair but we had got her on crutches that day. She was sat down and dan was apparently now trying to call through to head office to insure us our £199 deposit back because all he now wanted to do was get back to the other two young girls who where now very unsure about whether to stay or go themselves but as my mom was sat down trying to sort it out he shouted 'for fucks sake your really starting to piss me off now'. He told us that he just works for 'All White 3000' but this is his salon? Turns out he had lied. He owed that salon, and a few others, but was sure he didn't own 'All White 3000'? We just wanted my money back, but apparently as i had paid on a card it had to go back on the card, all the time he was getting more and more wound up.

Obviously now feeling very uncomfortable my mom had called the police to make them aware of the con we where currently undergoing and how aggressive he was becoming, but before they had chance to get there he had once again closed the shutters on the front of the shop and we where made to leave through the back door. ALL THE TIME BEING PROMISED the £199 deposit back within 3 days! They had already begin to change little bits of their website within an hour of us leaving! I guess in order to make it look like we are making it up but I have pictures of it ALL lol Sooo, unlucky! False advertisement is a crime and by LAW has to be honoured.

3days later i hadn't heard anything so i posted my first review which was followed by nothing but threats of 'further action' buy 'Laura Smith' who i had NEVER heard of OR spoken to but she proceeded to emailed me telling me not to expect my deposit back AT ALL NOW as they where trying to help me lol (silence me more like) she listed :-

1) You harass our staff member in front of other trainees

2) You agreed to the terms of sale which was sent to you via email. This confirmed for what you are getting for this transaction.

3) The meaning of a deposit is non refundable. It is to secure your training and place an order of the machine

4) You wrote a pathetic review online when our staff members were trying to help you, leaving us no choice but to proceed...

4) You have had half of the training for 2 people, which sums up to more than £199. (£420 per person for the full training)

5) Dionne Hart had her teeth whitened under supervision. Teeth whitening costs £135 per person

6) £420 for half of the training + £135 treatment = £555 (£555- £199 deposit= £356 balance to pay)

7) You are responsible to pay us £356 in full within 7 days.

You must contact me to arrange a payment of £356.00 asap, Failing to do this, we will proceed further legal action against you both. All our staff members are instructed not to correspond or speak with you.

Kind regards,

Laura Smith.


THE ABSOLUTE CHEEK! I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES! Basically if i can't keep shut up about it they will try and scare my silence! The typical con artists way!! So she then had my review removed which after reading myself i don't believe it HALF enough information in any ways so i wasn't about to argue the toss to get it kept up although THIS TIME I WILL!! :)) With kindest of regards obviously, Laura. So yeah

A total frauded company! They are looking to ROB YOUR MONEY & DON'T GIVE A CRAP WHAT THEY DO OR DON'T DO TO CUSTOMERS TEETH OR TAKE FROM POTENTIAL 'BUSINESS PARTNERS' !! If your the sort of person to ask questions when your about to spend £1500 for something be prepared for the backlash! I have reported them to EVERYWHERE possible. But people, DON'T GO THERE! You will regret it, I PROMISE!

It's a back street business that has clearly run by getting more n more people to come in on the con!! I just wish I'd of had a hidden camera lol watchdog would have loved it! You may as well mix up a bit of domestos up and put that on ur teeth and sit in front of the fire! I ask that anyone who has already been robbed or conned by these people to GET IN TOUCH I'd love to know just how many people's teeth are being mashed up by these cowboys! All White 3000 this is it..

AND I WON'T BE GIVING UP.. Yes i have details, email, pictures, and recording so, BRING IT ON!

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Posted 5 years ago
Waste of time and MONEY!!!!! Unprofessional staff and equipment. They were picking staff from a DIRTY floor without sterilising it and trying to put it in my mouth!!! Effects…. Poor

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