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Met Aadi few months ago at a executive retreat he organized for my company. He was recommended to me by my professor at London Business School after I had to take time off for personal reasons. I was initially not sold on the whole counselling coaching concept, but I was asked by Aadi to 'trust and test' his techniques because these were practically proven and effective for his many clients both corporate and personal. I took his life and executive coaching program after the counselling and anger management program and saw changes in my mindset, my attitude and my general focus in life and overcame many personal issues and while completing his coaching program, at the same parallel time I completed my long deferred LBS course. I am grateful to Aadi for his support, advice and great coaching which got me to the level I am at and to support me in maintaining focus on my goal and aim in life.
Yash Scindia
3 years ago
Met Joshua Aadi at my law firm's sponsored Executive Leadership course which Aadi organized and managed. Some time later, Aadi was highly recommended to me by my law firm's occupational health professional when I was under their care for work related stress, clinical depression and panic attacks. This was affecting me mentally, emotionally and also my marriage and children. I would not be amiss to say that Aadi really worked with me from the start till I had resolved all the issues and worked these out using his Life Management Program until I could cope with my stress, work burdens, my marriage problems and life stresses and was completely healed from panic attacks and the night time sweats. I am so happy to recommend Aadi to anyone who wishes to resolve their life issues and turn a positive new page in their life.
Aristide Urquhart-Woods
3 years ago
Attended an addictions counselling workshop in 2012 which was run by Aadi, was impressed how he handled peoples questions, and I then attended his 1-2-1 session in Harley Street. I have been going to him since 2012 having already received excellent counselling and aftercare, I am undertaking his life coaching programme which has boosted my enthusiasm, motivation and general zest for life. I have taken onboard his expert views and guidance to turn my life around and have taken effective control of my life and my future using his Hierarchy of Power philosophy. Would recommend him and Aadi's therapy and coaching is for all but especially for those who are serial procrastinators, time passers and those without a general movement or aim in life.
Hans Lindquist
3 years ago
I struggled with weight and health issues related to it since childhood and I had a lot of anger issues and other issues from my upbringing which affected my physical health and my mental health. Having been on antidepressants and having tried every recourse, I was recommended by my private physician to go to Aadi for the issues I was dealing with, I was skeptic having spent so much money and effort after so many therapists and therapies. I saw Aadi and having started his counselling and coaching programme, I started to see positive changes, he worked with me and dealt with my incessant questions and doubts while never once losing his cool. I found him to be all embracing, compassionate and a therapist and coach with a heart and not superficial, I stayed on with him working out my various issues and finally had many breakthroughs having dealt with my problems, my issues and my life generally. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for effective life changes and permanent breakthroughs and am so happy to have met him.
Vincent Silva-D'Souza
3 years ago
I loved Aadi's frankness, his love for counselling and deep interest in my welfare and therapy. I was undergoing many personally distressing and traumatic changes in my life which made me feel at ease and at peace when I was in the presence of Aadi and he worked with me both patiently and so generously with his time to guide me and handhold me so I can cope with my life situations and solve or deal with my problems one by one. I have since worked out my issues with his therapy and coaching and am on a sure footing in life and in a pleasant place- mind wise. Expect strict discipline and straight talking from Aadi if you wish to change, become better and be highly motivated to personal success.
Aaron Mikelson
3 years ago
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Aadi CCP
10 Tithe Farm Avenue

Aadi CCP offers counselling and coaching in a comfortable, calm and confidential setting in the leafy suburbs of upmarket Harrow. All issues discussed in the course of your sessions are strictly confidential. Aadi CCP's aim is to provide a safe, friendly and non-judgemental environment, in which you can explore personal situations in more depth. J. Aadi is an experienced, qualified and compassionate counsellor and coach with over 14 years experience. Chartered member of the CIPD, Institute for Learning and Society of Humanistic Psychology; a fully Insured, qualified and experienced professional with BA Hons from LERC, MA with Graduate MCIPD and Chartered Status, PTLLS, ACE Facilitator, Affiliateship with IfL, NMC Certificant. ''At what point should I seek counselling or coaching?'' If you are not as happy as you could be. It really is that simple. All of us go through times in our lives when we encounter periods of stress causing us feelings of great discomfort or when we have lost direction and need a boost both mentally, emotionally, personally and professionally. Another reason for seeking counselling or coaching is recognizing patterns of behaviours or elements in life that are not working, such as relationships or life which needs a total re-haul and revitalising. People often wait too long before they seek help from either counselling or coaching. This may lead to depression and/or physical symptoms, which in turn may result in difficulties in our personal and professional relationships.

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