We’re busy. We’re working, we’re food shopping,
we’re exercising, we’re saving money, we’re socialising,
(while cancelling tomorrow’s plans).

What is it?

We think a 45 minute manicure is prime time
to chill out, but that’s not the reality.
Fingertips coated in wet polish, we still find a way
to scroll emails, or check the group chat.
So, we’re on a mission to change that habit,
one manicure at a time.
Giving you the silent treatment, literally.

Life’s a lot and embracing ‘mindfulness’
might just sound like an extra thing
for the to-do list.

That’s why we’ve launched Mindful Mani;
a self-care campaign with one real focus
– giving you a time out.


What is mindfulness?
5 points of what you can do

We asked an expert what it really is –
we know a lot about manicures,
but Suzy Reading - self-care psychologist
and health coach - knows everything
about mindfulness.


Rather than flipping back to the past or
worrying about the future, mindfulness
anchors us in the ‘now’.

Want some more expert intel?
Read Suzy's self-care and mindfulness
research piece here.



Plug in while you chill out. Read a blog post,
listen to a podcast, try some mellow music.
We’ve added all of that below,
so all you need to do is pick something.


Podcasts require one thing
only = listening. You can
even shut your eyes if you
want, it’s not rude.
Someone hit play. 


Tunes? Sure thing.
Whether you want

lighter-in-the-wind vibes
or ‘show me the treadmill’,
you’ll find it in here.  


Endless procrastination
in here. Check this stuff out
pre-manicure, it might
influence your choice of nail
colour *hint hint*. 

You’re desperate
to try a Mindful Manicure,
we can sense it.
Find salons near you
giving out
the silent treatment.