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The countdown is on: this is the ultimate treatment timeline for a stress-free Christmas

01/12/2021 / Beauty

Ah, Christmas. Time with family, movies in bed, and hot chocolate by the fireplace – the festive season could be pure bliss – in theory. Instead, we’ve got endless amounts of planning, parties, and present-buying to worry about – decidedly un-bliss, if you ask us. Not to mention, there’s the prepping of yourself to think about – after all, what’s Christmas without a bit of self-care, a whole lot of treating yourself, and a good old dose of *glam*. 

If you can’t quite bring yourself to start another lot of festive planning – we feel you. Luckily, when it comes to hair & beauty – we’ve got the ultimate guide. No more last-minute dashes to the (fully booked) salon, or trying to apply falsies whilst roasting the potatoes. Nope, this year you’ll know exactly what to book, and when to book for. Think of it as an early Christmas present – from us, to you. You’re welcome. 

By Beth