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The Gentleman Experience 💈 Why a trip to the barbers is *so* much more than a haircut

10/12/2021 / Beauty

Barber! A pint, please! 

We all have our routine when it comes to maintenance – maybe you’ve been visiting the same barber every month for your whole life, or maybe you try and get in and out as quick as poss when the time comes around. But, what if we told you that this could all change? What if, and hear us out, your trip to the barber became more than a haircut: a chance to unwind, socialise, and yep – even have a beer or two. 

This year, we’ve decided to upgrade our trips to the barbers, and try out ‘The Gentleman Experience’ – a sharp haircut, a perfect shave, and a time to relax all in one. 

And, with Christmas coming up fast, and reunions with friends, dinners with family, and the possibility of running into your ex at the pub inevitable – there’s really no better time to get yourself looking (and more importantly, feeling) your best. So, book yourself in, pull up a chair, and relax. Trust us on this one.