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The extreme sports massage

24/01/2016 / Don't try this at home

Calling all fitness freaks. It’s time to give your body a break from all that January bootcamping and get those squat knots ironed out. Say hello to the extreme sports massage…

Aching calves? Clicking knees? Sore shoulders? If you’ve got any (or all) of the above then your body could be reacting to an overzealous workout regime. ‘Workouts are getting tougher than ever,’ says therapist Michael Earlington from Bliss Spa London who specialises in extreme sports massage. ‘People are training like athletes but without the proper nutrition or wind down period, leaving them with aching post-workout muscles and stiff, tired joints that can, if allowed to build up over a period of time, lead to more serious issues.’

The answer? A sports specific, therapeutic massage that will loosen up even the most tangled of muscles. Read on for more information…

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