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Putting on the glitz

21/12/2015 / Don't try this at home

Too much and you risk looking like a drag queen. Too little and you fall into fairy princess territory. Here’s how to stay on the right side of glitter make-up this Christmas.

Glitter and sequins. Two things that rarely seem like a good idea either side of Christmas. With the festive season upon us we know you’ll be wearing both by the truckload and while we can’t help you with the latter,  we can guide you on your mission to perfect the former. ‘I have two main rules when it comes to glitter make-up,’ says Facebar founder and makeup artist Nicola Fiveash.

  1. Go lightly,  apply a small amount to begin with – you can always add more but once you’ve have it on your skin it’s very hard to remove.
  2. Planning on using your favourite brushes? Don’t do it! They will forever have specs of glitter on them. I use my fingers, disposable brushes or a cotton bud.’

Here’s three other top tips from Nicola.

Get makeup now

Glitter is impactful enough without trying to pull off an entire new make-up look as well!