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How to get the most out of your massage

25/04/2016 / Don't try this at home

Ever uttered the words, “I really need a massage”? Well the truth is, you may very well need one right now. Hovering over your laptop, scanning instagram on your commute on the train, devouring the latest Scandi Noir novel on your kindle, means you are carrying a multitude of stresses in your shoulders, upper back and lower back too. “I see so many people coming in with tension in their upper back, namely from long haul flights, driving for long distances and spending lengthy amounts of time sitting at a desk.” Says Lowenna Humphries, Spa Manager at the Baglioni Hotel in London. The muscles are so rigid from sitting in bad, uncomfortable positions that it’s no wonder your entire body needs some ironing out. It’s not just uncomfortable seats that can benefit from the restorative effects of massage: headaches, posture, even digestion all see serious improvement from a regular massage. It’s just a matter of knowing what you need to get the most out of that precious spa time…

By Emma Strenner

Enjoy a massage now

Image credits: Stocksy