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How to make your final payday funds last until the new year

19/12/2018 / Editor's picks

We’ve got one more pay day until the end of January, and the thought of that hurts. It will arrive to us this week – in all it’s ‘thank goodness’ glory – begging to be saved and spent efficiently, on things like food supplies, heating bills, transport to distant relatives. What will we spend it on? ‘Reunion drinks’, the Zara sale, and reduced Christmas-themed chocolate. No more. This, my excitable spend-it-all-by-27th-December-and-hate-yourself-til-February friends, is your guide to being savvy and making your pay day funds last.

One thing to note – I’m no Martin Lewis, but I am in my twenties, and boast an insatiable habit for social spending. I’m simply sharing my (researched) wisdom, just in case it helps.

By Rachel Spedding


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