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High Definition Brows – 3 things you need to know

23/03/2016 / Don't try this at home

So you’re ready to take your brows to the next level of grooming and High Definition Brows is on your radar. Now considered the gold standard of brow treatments, this stellar beauty service works way harder than your average brow shape and tidy. Threading, waxing, tinting, plucking and trimming all come to into play in a typical High Definition Brow session and the results can be highly addictive. Until recently the treatment was known as HD Brows, and promises to leave you with natural looking arches that flatter and frame your face. We sat down with leading beauty expert and High Definition Brow founder Nilam Holmes-Patel, along with Sandra Sheikh, owner of iBrows etc, a boutique London salon specialising in the technique, to get the 101 on all your need to knows.

Image credits: Rex Features

Words: Georgia Day

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