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Foils and highlights: what’s the difference?

01/03/2017 / Don't try this at home

 It’s a question we get asked A LOT! And though the seasoned salon goers out there will know the answer immediately, for first timers, understanding why some colour menus say foils, and others highlights, can be confusing.  Newsflash: there is no difference between the two.  In order to create that multi tonal effect that comes with highlights, your colourist uses foils to section off parts of the hair, leaving out a certain number of strands from the foils to keep it looking natural. So whether you ask for one or the other when you get to the salon, the results should be the same – fresh, evenly distributed highlights covering the entire head. Need a little more help with the lingo? By the time you’ve read our guide we’ll have you talking like a pro in no time…

By Rebecca Hoffnung