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Everything you need to know about sugaring (besides the fact it tastes delicious)

12/12/2018 / Editor's picks

Sugaring has been big news this year, as the vegan alternative to the old faithful – waxing. The ‘ancient’ technique has roots in the Middle East, where Cleopatra is rumoured to have been a fan. Using all-natural ingredients, and promising long-lasting results, sugaring bookings have increased on Treatwell by 200% in the last year. Sweet. We spoke to Tanja Westendorff of Sugaring London, to see why it’s on the rise (and exactly what’s involved). If you’re a hair-shifter – shaving, Veet-ing, plucking (bold) – you’re going to want to read this.

By Rachel Spedding

Image credits: Shutterstock, @Courtneeruthie, @Frejawewer, @sugaringfactory