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2021’s hottest makeup look (according to TikTok) is surprisingly easy to nail. Here’s how.

07/05/2021 / Editor's picks

Confession: I’m not the best at applying makeup. No matter how many Youtube tutorials I watch, Pinterest pics I study, or TikTok trends I scroll through, (and believe me, it’s a lot), I just can’t seem to get the hang of it. 

Luckily, 2021’s most notable makeup trend is surprisingly doable- which means it’s one that I can absolutely get on board with.

Earlier in the year- the ‘2016 vs 2021’ makeup challenge was trending on TikTok. The trend took a nostalgic look back to those sweet, sweet pre-covid times, and showed how makeup trends have changed since then. On the whole, it shows that we’re definitely leaning towards a more natural makeup style these days. Then again, that kinda makes sense when you consider that we’ve spent most of the past year indoors, not wearing makeup, and embracing skinimalism

So, what exactly is the look we’re going for right now? Think: glowy skin, brushed-up brows, subtle liner and lashes, and lots of blush. Of course, there are variations to the trend: add a glossy lip, a few faux freckles, and some subtle highlight, if you fancy it.

Does this mean I’m going to kiss goodbye to spending hours trying to perfect that dramatic smokey eye and killer liner for a night out? My answer: yes. (Hey, I still love an *extra* makeup look, but I’ll be leaving those to the pros in the future). 

Instead, why not try your hand at (or ask your makeup artist for) this look. Here’s how to nail it: 

By by Beth Ryan