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11 hair and beauty hacks that will make getting ready for your office party a breeze

27/11/2018 / Editor's picks

Around this time the party invites start rolling in. And while a Saturday spent getting a blow dry and turning pruney in a bubble bath is always the best pre-party plan, when it’s an office shindig, such luxury is a little more tricky to factor in. Since you’ll probably be doing your makeup in the toilet – sharing a red lipstick with your nearest and dearest colleagues – we’ve rounded up 11 tips that will make everything else a little easier. Hacks by the bucketload.

By Rachel Spedding

Image credits: Shutterstock, @fhlurs@jessyjinstylist, @kaylabweiss, @maisonetnad, @musegold (glossier), @nailsandlashesbynicole, @skeletonbride, @thepouf, @torey_makeupgeek, @xxdilligafxx