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Are you suffering a crushed spirit? – 10 tell tale signs

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Are you suffering a crushed spirit? – 10 tell tale signs

A broken heart can do it but so can simply forgetting your dreams and aspirations.

Tune in carefully to your spirit and it will guide you faultlessly. If you haven’t learned how to connect with your spirit, the way you are feeling about yourself and your life will be letting you know - in no uncertain terms!

If your spirit is crushed and unheard you can’t function at your happiest, healthiest and are likely to be falling into a downward spiral that treads the path to the ‘you’ you least like.

So, how do you know if your spirit is crushed? See how many of these ten tell tale signs you recognise….

  1. Life is just something you do. You no longer feel passion for the things you used to love.
  2. You can’t remember the last time you laughed ’til you cried.
  3. You eye others and opportunities with cynicism, fear and mistrust. No longer looking for their potential or greatness – you have lost faith!
  4. You feel alone, despite having people around you. You are not happy with your own company but then neither are you happy with others.
  5. You are turning to artificial props to get you through. Drinking too much, working too hard, taking anti-depressants…… all designed to change your state of mind, drown out your discomfort but not transform your state of spirit and life.
  6. You have become wrapped up in how you look, what you have (or more likely what you don’t have) and have lost the art of appreciation for the things that really matter, that touch your soul.
  7. Your relationship fails to inspire you. Or is non existent. You have settled for less than you deserve but fear the alternative more.
  8. You blame money, other people or life’s circumstances for your unhappiness. Not realising it is within you to change your perception and your life. A victim mentality has crept up on you and you didn’t even notice!
  9. You can’t feel your heart anymore. It’s there and it’s beating but no longer open to love and deep happiness, in fact you have given up on both.
  10. You already know that tomorrow will be just another day, much the same as today. Not full of delight and surprise, laughter and love. You have given up on yourself and settled for what you fear you deserve.

We all go there. We have all been there. You are not alone! Our faithful spirit waits patiently for the moment when you say “Enough!” It waits for the day you decide to demand more from your life and will no longer settle for “Is this all there is?”

Start thinking about what you really want, be brave and allow yourself to dream big dreams! It might seem impossible to achieve those dreams right now but that’s because you’re stuck! You are under a cloud and waiting for the winds of change to blow – you are the one who can create the momentum. Simply by making the decision today that you will engage with your best self, take small steps each day to move forward in a different direction. The direction of your dreams – the ones you have long forgotten!

How would it feel to spring out bed each morning excited about what lies ahead for you? Knowing you are on a new path, feeling inspired and truly pleased to be alive? To know you can command what you deserve and feel great about it? You can’t imagine it? Oh come on! What would happen if you did?

Just take a moment to think how good your life could be if you gathered your courage and dared to make that first step today.

Oh, you don’t think you can stick to it? You will have a couple of days and then go back to the old you? What would happen if you didn’t? If you had someone walking the path with you, guiding and encouraging you and showing you new ways to think and be?

If you would like help in seeing through the fog, creating clarity and vision with a simple but effective strategy for finding yourself, your lust for life and your greatness please get in contact. Let’s talk and you might be surprised how quickly your spirit responds!

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I wasn’t aware of my purpose. Feeling numb and unfulfilled, I decided to change it! I studied NLP and found the results astounding. Working as a Director for a Blue Chip I used NLP with my teams and discovered something I love to do - assisting people to make the change they want in their lives. That was 10 years ago and now, having added many change tools, I have my own business and work with clients to facilitate their success and have never been happier.