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I finally tried threading (and I’m converted for life)

04/02/2019 / Editor's picks

Confessions all round: I’ve been an eyebrow waxer since ’08 (my estimate of the year brows became a ‘thing’). It was habit to slink into the salon, ask for a tidy up, and await the strip application. Sure, things looked fine, excess hair was removed and my sunglasses were positioned to hide the raccoon stripe of red stamped on my forehead (even in -10 North Eastern temperatures, FYI), but I was so darn intrigued by the world of threading. Researching and writing about it’s popularity, and envying a number of pals with sharp, distinct brow shapes, it was time to succumb. Ladies and gents, I’ll never look back – allow me to convert you too.

By Rachel Spedding