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Making polish last

From: Sophy Robson's Nail Blog,

Making polish last

I have decided to start a new feature on the blog in response to all the questions I am being asked these days about how to do the best nails

The 1st question I get asked all the time is how do I make my polish last?

It is not necessarily the polish you use that will make it last longer, but the way you apply it.

1. Preparation of the nail plate is ESSENTIAL – I always buff the surface with a used white block buffer to smooth out the surface and give it more grip. I degrease the nail plate with polish remover and then use CHIP SKIP by O.P.I.

2. I recommend any base coat that is runnier than normal polish as it needs to dry quickly, evenly and smoothly. My favourites are Stickey by Creative Nail Design, Chanel Protective Base Coat and Natural Shine by Sally Hansen.

3. When applying polish make sure you gently wipe the brush on the edge of the bottle neck on only ONE side….You need enough left on the brush to cover the whole nail plate. Not too much and not too little. That is the secret to good polish application! If you get it right you will have a thin, level unstreaky layer of polish. Also be careful not to press to hard with the brush – the polish should glide onto the nail. Another common mistake is not taking the polish to the edge of the nail…It should go as close to the skin as possible without touching. To keep your hand steady and achieve control of the polish, lean the hand you are painting with onto the hand you are painting. 2 coats of polish should be enough to give full even coverage.

4. If you are painting correctly, all the nails should be dry enough to apply a top coat by the time you have finished. Top Coat is a MUST unless you are using matte or glitter polishes, as it keeps the gloss finish and seals in the polish. Without it the polish will dull and chip quicker. The best one is Seche Vite. End of!

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