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Back on the horse...

From: Koulla's Wellbeing Blog,

Back on the horse...

So it has been a whole month now since I started this whole regime. After 2 weeks of feeling horrible due to a cold I have spent the last week 2 weeks or so getting back into it. I had two great sessions with my personal trainer. He has made me do a mix of cardio and weights, apparently this burns more fat. I felt like I was in the army at one point, he actually made me do press ups. I negotiated some middle ground on this and did girly ones. In any case it has shown me once again how unfit I am. They were really simple exercises and I was totally out of breath with aching arms and leg. He also made me use something called a medical ball...I thought I was going to die. My posture and my core strength is terrible. After two sessions though I was keeping up with it a lot better. I was so sore the next day, I couldn't walk up and down stairs for two days! At least this shows it is all working on getting my muscles back in use.

I also went to a lovely spa on Sunday called Hanbury Manor and had a lovely swim too, that was nice.

This week I went to my local gym which is closer...this gym is different to the one I joined up with in Harringey. It is very male orientated and can be quite intimating. I dragged my best mate along and we trained together which made it all a lot more fun. She managed to turn into a little Sergeant Major and kept telling me to do more, it was nice to have the encouragement though. We managed to stay out of the scary weight zone with men who had arms bigger than my whole leg. Everyone was friendly and I felt really good at the end. I did not get a head ache and I had no aches the next day. I actually felt more energized when I work up the next day.

I have actually really enjoyed getting back to the gym...I think the worst of the shock is over and my body is coping much better now.

I am actually considering taking my gym kit with me on holiday this weekend...WHO HAVE I TURNED INTO?!!!

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Koulla is Head of Regional Sales and she is taking part in our beach body fat loss campaign which is running from May 9th 2011 for 4 weeks.

Koulla is making a great lifestyle change by joining the gym which she will visit regularly. Koulla has also booked 3 personal trainer sessions to get her started and purchased a Pilates DVD which she will follow in the comfort of her own home. Koulla has also promised to eat healthy and reduce her alcohol intake.

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