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K.I.S.S.S.S food rules

From: Call-on-health,

K.I.S.S.S.S food rules

K.I.S.S.S.S - Keep it simple: stop, substitute, supplement

To eat your way to better health, it's important to follow three guidelines:

  1. Stop that which harms
  2. Substitute with that which is good
  3. Supplement with that which is a secondary help

Putting these steps into place is a gradual process, but here are a few tips to help you on your way...

  • Stop eating processed food and substitute with foods as close to their natural state as possible.
  • In addition, this means stop eating stuff that has a long list of ingredients and substitute with fresh stuff.
  • If you don't stop eating processed foods, at least stop eating calorie rich foods and substitute them with nutrient dense foods.
  • Stop eating foods that have a long shelf life and substitute them with foods that aren't packed with preservatives. The principle - stated dramatically for effect - is that if food has been modified to extend its shelf life, then it has equally been unwittingly designed to shorten your shelf life. If it doesn't rot or sprout, throw it out.
  • To ensure your diet is nutrient-rich, stop spending most of the weekly food shop money on the inside aisles of the supermarket. Instead, spend it on the outside aisles where the fresh produce is. You should also apply the 80: 20 rule, spending 80% of your food budget on natural, fresh produce.
  • Stop using supplements as a substitute for good food and use them to top up your nutrient supply rather than as a (rather ineffective) mainstay.
  • If the foods you eat result in messy utensils and plates that are hard to clean, then they will leave an equivalent sticky mess inside your body. Resolve to stop buying them ASAP.
  • Change your criteria from eating foods that you like, to eating foods that like you. If the foods you like like you back, all's well and good. If not, stop and get into the habit of eating foods that are true friends, not 'pretend friends’. The latter are like people who work to make you like them (and succeed), only for you find out too late that they were insincere. Better to keep company with foods who like you (their actions are for your benefit), instead of foods you like (whose actions are anything but).

You will have noted that some of the rules carry a similar message. It helps to have principles coded in ones mind in slightly different ways, as multiple ‘coding’ is one key to knowing something well. In this context, it helps protect against the sneaky attacks of bad habits, environmental cues, or the unconscious effects of advertising.

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Julia is the principal colon hydrotherapist at West London Colonics, based in Northolt. She is registered with ARCH, which counts as its members the highest number of practising colon therapists in the UK. Julia is passionate about colon therapy as a key health strategy, having seen it work wonders with her clients. Over the past 2 years, she has seen over 700 clients, and conducted around 2000 colonic sessions. She serves on the education committee of ARCH and is committed to high standards of expertise and know-how in the profession.

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