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Blog for a Healthy Life - Urban Oasis

Bounce your way to perfect health

Bounce your way to perfect health

In my last article, I gave some advice on how to detox your body and feel a whole lot better on every level. Well, this article is something you have to know about if you are serious about your health rebounders and their amazing health benefits.

I was suffering about a month ago with chronic bloating, abdominal discomfort, back pain, lack of energy and a long list of pretty unpleasant and worrying symptoms. I went for several blood tests and alarmingly the CA125 protein, an indicator of ovarian cancer, was at a level deemed very high at 33 in the UK. I went for an emergency scan and to my relief, all was clear.

Immediately, I had adopted a raw food diet and cut out all dairy and wheat and re-read the information that I had previously read below but this time the penny really dropped...

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Detox advice

Detox advice

I am currently on a 28 day cleansing programme and boy do I feel better for it. I’d like to share some advice for you to get started and am happy to hear from anybody who has other tips, experience and advice to share or if you just want some advice. Use the chart as a daily guide. Good luck!

Do Not Detox if you are currently:

Undergoing medical treatment for an illness
Recovering from serious illness
Taking prescribed medical drugs

Always consult you doctor if you are in any doubt as to whether a detox programme is suitable for you.

Benefits you will experience from detoxing

More energy
Glowing skin all over your body
Weight loss
Clearer thinking
Better thresholds for coping with stress
Reduced or no cellulite
More efficient...

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I have written this blog so that I can share health tips and advice that I know have worked for me through personal experience or for some of my friends, family, colleagues and other health professionals. I will be writing about my own day to day experiences and I may contribute articles that I have come across on my own search for health that I find useful and interesting. I am not a puritan and am a great believer in balance in all things- a little bit of this and that and the rest won't kill you but prolonged negative habits just might. I am here to help and share, and to learn from you all too so please feel free to get in touch and share your health tips if you truly believe in them and can validate their positive use. Here's to a happy healthy life for all.

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