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Day 1 - You can do it!

From: Bhavesh's Wellbeing Blog,

Day 1 - You can do it!

May 9th 2011, Day 1 of the 4 week diet plan.

I am a 30 year old male. I am 6'2" (186cm) and weigh 97kg (15.5 stones). This makes me overweight by about 2.5 stone. My percentage body fat is 30% which is very high, it should be for me between 8 - 20%.

I am taking part in the Wahanda Beach Body campaign to give myself a health kick. I have been to the gym only twice this year and have gained over 2 stone in the last 2 years. I have lost weight before so have decided to stick to what I know works.

I will be calorie counting all meals where possible and will stick to 2,000 calories a day. I will stay away from fast food, fizzy drinks, junk food and have a strict no alcohol policy for the 4 week period.

I will also visit the gym 4 times a week and ensure I burn 500 calories per session. I will vary my routine to avoid boredom. I am thinking jog 45 minutes, cycle for 60, row for 45 or use the cross trainer for 45. These usually burn 500 calories for me. I will also attend classes where possible such as spinning and body combat which are high aerobic exercises.

On today's menu is porridge for breakfast, salad for lunch, some fruit in between and a stir fry for dinner - this makes up my 2,000 calories today. My first gym session of the week is tomorrow morning at 7am.

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Bhavesh is our Marketing Manager and he is taking part in our beach body fat loss campaign which is running from May 9th 2011 for 4 weeks.

Bhavesh will be following a simple eat less burn more plan. The recommended daily calorie intake for a male is 2,500, Bhavesh will eat only 2,000 calories per day. He will also go to the gym 4 times a week and will not leave until he has burned 500 calories each session.

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