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Anthony M Blog

All you need is your body

All you need is your body

Hello all and welcome to the latest blog, inspired by a tweet from fellow personal trainer Nix Ticehurst, saying: 'there is so much money spent on such convoluted machinery to make us use our bodies, we have that machinery from birth, just use it.'

For those not understanding the message, it basically means that you have gyms and all this equipment used to make an improvement to our body when we do not need to use any of it - we have our own body to use as the equipment. This blog will go through ways that you can just use bodyweight for a fantastic workout and the equipment equivalent. This blog, then, is ideal for people that do not like gyms or have the money available to join a gym. Enjoy.

The human body is an amazing thing. It can adjust and adapt to almost anything - if it is weak...

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Fitness on holiday

Fitness on holiday

Hello all and welcome to the next blog that is called 'Fitness on Holiday'. It is very self explanatory in that people exercise loads prior to their holiday but do nothing while on it, so this blog is just a few hints as to what you could do while on holiday to keep your fitness up.

It is known that once you are on holiday you eat and drink much more and once you get back from those couple of weeks in the sun you can let the body go a bit and the weight might come piling back on so you end up going back to square one. Hopefully by the time you have packed your case you have spent weeks or I would hope years keeping fit and ready to go and looking your best for the trip. There are a couple of small pieces of fitness equipment that are light and can fit in your case to take with you and use...

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Breathe Fitness is a personal training company working in and around London, England. They specialise in training clients in the comfort of their own home, local park, workplace and gyms.

Breathe has been running since 2006 and has quickly established itself as one of London's top personal trainer businesses.

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