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Day 3 - Snooze vs Walk

From: Ana's Beach Body Challenge & Beyond,

Day 3 - Snooze vs Walk

Second fail on the morning walk plan. Snooze 2 - Morning Walk 0

So I was swiftly moving on to plan B. I always keep a reserve of plans B, C and sometimes D to make sure I follow at least one of them.

Plan B was to go to Pilates class at lunchtime. I also went yesterday, so I'm getting the exercise in. The walk will have to wait until the end of the day today. I need to stay focused, else I'll end up with plan Z! It's not so much that my body is aching, I simply feel exhausted. I'm actually surprised my legs are holding up to the challenge.

I think I ought to give you a bit of a background here. I'm 32 and don't exercise particularly often. Before I joined the gym last September I hadn't set foot in one for over 4 years. I guess this gives you an idea of how much I like the gym. Not.

The exercise I do get comes from dancing as I'm a huge Salsa fan and from the Pilates classes I started taking when I joined the gym. However, I haven't been dancing in months and I go to Pilates an average of twice a week. Hardly worth mentioning.

When we got measured before this challenge my stats were as follows:
• Height: 1.66 m
• Weight: 58.6 kg
• Body Fat: 27%
• Viscal Fat: 3%

This puts me in the 'normal' category. My diet is not particularly bad but it's not particularly good either. I am a huge sweet tooth and hang my head in shame when I say I will eat some sort of sweet, chocolate or cake every day. I can't imagine a single day without my little treats. I know it's possible, I've done it before, but I simply chose not to. I just love the concept of dessert.

So even though I'm apparently 'normal', I do worry my dietary and fitness habits are not the healthiest, so I'm hoping this challenge will be the starting point for a more active and self disciplined me.

That's the plan.

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Ana has been with Treatwell since September 2009 and is currently the Head of Operations.

Being natural from Lisbon, Portugal, and currently living on the Estoril Coast, the beach has always represented an important role in Ana's life. And not just during the summer months. However, life does have a tendency of getting in the way and those beach visits have become less and less frequent. Since learning about the Treatwell Beach Bodies Challenge, she's been keen to take part.

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