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Hair removal; when to wax, thread and IPL

20/04/2017 / Beauty

Gone are the days where your hair removal options included shaving (ouch, prickly regrowth) or a smearing of depilatory cream (smelly and largely ineffective) – there’s a whole range of sleek, sophisticated and speedy de-fuzzing options on the market. Some are higher on the ouch factor but promise longer-lasting results, others are over in a flash but require more repeat visits. Depending on your budget, pain threshold and part of the body you want smoothed, the ideal hair removal option is out there – and we’re here to help you find it. Armed with advice from Nicoleta, co-owner of Farringdon’s Luxury Wax Bar, use this handy guide to decide whether waxing, threading or IPL is right for you. Smooth sailing ahead…

By Daniela Morosini