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This is how to deal with dry, chapped lips in winter ❄️

17/11/2021 / Beauty

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and we’ve all dug out our favourite fuzzy jumpers from the back of the wardrobe. All of which can mean only one thing: Winter is upon us. Yep, warm, sunny days are a distant memory (did they happen at all?) and tbh, we’re pretty excited to make the most of the cold – we’re talking hot chocolates, cozy blankets – the lot. 

The downside? Winter brings with it a whole host of hair and beauty woes. Aside from the classic cold-weather-skin and rain-induced frizzy hair, there’s of course the inevitable issue of the dry, chapped lips that rear their ugly heads every year. 

Let’s be honest – even the most lip-balm savvy amongst us has fallen victim to the misery (yes, misery) of chapped lips. If you’re interested in the science side of things, this is because the lips only have four layers of skin (pretty measly compared to the sixteen on the rest of the face and body, to give you an idea). This means they’re way more prone to redness, dryness, and cracking. Ugh. 

Apart from interfering with our makeup and all-round fantasy of soft, pillowy lips – chapped or dry lips can also be *really* painful. The good news? We’ve got all the tips you need to banish dryness for good. 

By Beth