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These skincare tips will get you ready for colder weather

24/09/2020 / Beauty

Every year when September rolls around, I venture up into the attic to retrieve the suitcase that houses my winter clothes during the summer – unpacking them into my wardrobe and leaving my summer dresses in their place. This year I’ll be doing the same with my skincare. Not lugging them up to the attic, but making some switches that will help my skin weather the cold months ahead. And you should do the same – here’s why. 

A sudden change in temperature damages our skin’s barrier which means we’re more susceptible to aggravators (like pollution). This can leave skin dry, sensitive, inflamed and dull. And that’s not the only thing – your skin is probably a little hungover from the summer months (pigmentation from sun damage, we see you). 

So, how can you change up your routine?