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The body wrap – is it the ultimate hangover cure?

22/12/2015 / Don't try this at home

Fancy sleeping off  your hangover whilst cocooned in the comforts of a nurturing body wrap? We reveal why this most misunderstood of  treatments could be the best place to be the-morning-after-the-night before…

Now, we like to consider ourselves something of a beauty expert but even we were stumped when asked to explain the ins and outs of a body wrap. With theories ranging from a medical weight loss technique through to an anti-cellulite fix, we decided to get to grips with body wraps once and for all.  Cue a week long research project code named ‘project unwrapped’ in which we tried, tested and investigated the many (as it turns out) benefits of this mysterious treatment. Here’s what we learnt;

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