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The anti-acne facial

27/01/2016 / Don't try this at home

Stubborn skin issues suck. Especially adult acne. Before you hit the high street looking for DIY solutions, take our advice and put your complexion in the hands of the experts. Here’s why a targeted anti-acne facial could kickstart the healing process…

If you’re battling severe acne you’ll know there’s no such thing as a miracle cure. ‘Healing happens over a period of time, and requires you to adjust more than just your cleansing routine to see results,’ explains skincare expert Penny McQue from the Michaeljohn medispa. Although they offer a wide range of treatments, Penny tells us that the Acnepro Hydrafacial is one of their most popular facials – a results driven treatment promising to get to the very root of the causes of acne. ‘We love to educate our clients so they understand the reasons their skin is misbehaving. We also teach them important techniques which, over time, could actually prevent the problems arising in the first place. I consider this almost as important as the actual treatment itself.’ If you’ve tried and failed to correct your own acne you’ll know that throwing a million and one products at your skin is not the answer. In fact it can make the situation worse.

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By Rebecca Hoffnung

Look at your diet, an excess of sugar, alcohol or dairy could be making things worse