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New year, no pressure: 7 resolutions you’ll actually want to keep

02/01/2018 / Editor's picks

It’s a new year and we’ve all mentally drafted a list of resolutions that will turn us into better versions of ourselves overnight. You know, the one you’re banking on to release the yogically zen, chia-seed sprinkling, cook-from-scratch, lunch-break-spin-class life boss inside. Excuse us, but we think that’s bull and, more to the point, we think you’re doing pretty bloody great already. So…what if you didn’t make a list? What if you just exercise when you have time? Eat as healthily as your busy job allows. Hell, even snack on some pumpkin seeds now and again. And instead, focus your attention on small, achievable resolutions that will make you feel good about yourself; you’ll start the year positive AF and without added pressure, you might just have your best year yet. Suggestions incoming…