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Microfeathering is the brow treatment everyone’s talking about – here’s why we love it

28/09/2021 / Editor's picks

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: a good pair of killer brows have the power to completely change your face. They accentuate the eyes, frame and add definition to the face, and can also totally alter your face shape. Plus, they play a huge role in communication (just look at how emotive this guy is – 🤨).

It’s no surprise then, that we as a society are kind of obsessed with eyebrows – from threading to waxing, tinting to lamination, there’s a seemingly endless list of ways we choose to preen and primp our brows.

And of course, anything that means less time getting ready in the morning? Even better. This is where the semi-permanent options come in. Until now, microblading has been the go-to semi-permanent technique for long-term definition and enhancement. Recently, though, a new technique seems to be taking center stage. It’s called microfeathering, and we’re ridiculously excited about it. Here’s why we love it.