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5 reasons to try LVL lashes

23/09/2016 / Editor's picks

Thank goodness for LVL Lashes. Without it, our mornings would be considerably less streamlined. With mouths to feed, trains to catch and kids to hustle off to school, the grooming process often takes a bit of a backseat right? After all, who really has time to tousle their hair to perfection and apply a full face of makeup everyday? (If you do, please get in touch. We want to be you.) Luckily there’s plenty of time-saving treatments out there, but LVL is on another level. Standing for ‘Length-Volume-Lift’, LVL is a truly transformative lash treatment that will give you the effect of curled, mascara’d lashes AND more wide-awake eyes, without a lick of makeup.

By Daniela Morosini

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