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Is this the most indulgent treatment ever?

13/01/2016 / Don't try this at home

When it comes to our beauty regime we’re all about results these days which begs the question; where has all the pampering gone? Our editorial director Liz Hambleton sets off to find out…

Like everything else in life, our beauty regime has been forced to be condensed, speeded up and made to multi-task. If we can’t do it in under 30 minutes then we’re not interested. Taking the time out to indulge in anything longer than a brow tint or half a head of highlights seems so very frivolous doesn’t it? According to Rachel Burke, Spa Manager at the luxurious Espa Life At The Corinthia London we’re missing a serious trick because pampering has moved on. ‘Modern pampering is just as much about results as it is relaxation with treatments offering a holistic approach to physical and mental well being,’ she explains. ‘We call them lifestyle treatments.’ I’m lucky enough to get to try one of ESPA’s most luxurious offerings , the pure indulgence body ritual, a two hour extravaganza of modern pampering to find out exactly what Rachel is talking about. All in the name of research you understand…

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