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IBX might be the ultimate repairing treatment for damaged nails – here’s what you need to know

27/09/2021 / Editor's picks

Okay, I’m the first to admit that although I love getting my nails done (gels, acrylics, BIAB – you name it, I’ve done it), I haven’t always invested as much time, effort, or money into the ‘removal’ side of things. Yep, I have vivid (and scarring) memories of peeling off my acrylics and gels, thinking it would be easier and quicker than leaving it to the pros – and of course, my nails being left in a frankly abominable state. Maybe you can relate. Or maybe, even more upsettingly, you’ve done the responsible thing and entrusted the removal to pro – only for the process to be less than satisfactory, and for your nails to once again be damaged seemingly beyond repair.

If all of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Damage from improper removal of gel nails is pretty common, and can result in brittle, dry, weak nails; as well as causing pain to the nail and nail bed.

We asked Tabby Casto, a North London Based Nail Tech, to tell us all about IBX – a repairing and strengthening treatment that can help with all of these issues. Here’s what she told us.