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The manicure that stops nail biting for good

11/01/2017 / Don't try this at home

Whether you turn to it in times of stress or just can’t resist a daily nibble, nail biting is one of the hardest beauty bad habits to break. And let’s face it – if you’re not a nail-biter, you’ll probably never understand what’s so compelling about it. No one likes the look of chewed, ragged nails, and who wants to ruin a perfectly good manicure by attacking it with your teeth? One way to help you stop chewing is to make your nails inaccessible. No, we’re not talking about sellotaping gloves to your hands – we’re talking about acrylic overlays. Here, Tinu Bello from Colour Riot Nails explains why they could help nip your bad habit in the bud, and offers advice on other ways to beat it…

By Daniela Morosini

Image credits: Rex Features, @colourriotnails Instagram