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How to get rid of cellulite

01/07/2016 / Uncategorized

You’ve drank gallons of water, body-brushed until your skin is red raw and signed up to every sweat-inducing workout you can. Yet, somehow, that annoying patch of cellulite still refuses to budge. What to do? Call in the experts and let them do  the hard work for you. “A detox or deep tissue massage, professional body scrub treatment or one of the new breed of three-step body wraps can significantly improve the tone, texture and look of your legs,” explains Agata Ostronka, Senior Spa Therapist at Sense Spa at The Rosewood London. “By purifying and detoxifying not only the skin, but the entire body, and creating a feeling of deep relaxation, you’re more able to eliminate a buildup of toxins. And we all know that less toxins equals less cellulite.” Read on to discover the professional treatments that detoxify, tone and tighten orange-peel prone skin. No body brushing required. 

By Isabel Dexter