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How to deal with greasy hair and sweaty scalps now that warmer weather is (finally) here

21/07/2021 / Beauty

There are a million and one things I love about summer – picnics in the park, rooftop drinks, not having to wear 10 layers every time you leave the house. Tbh, I’ve been ready for my hot girl summer since January. It’s only now that summer has *arrived* arrived, (for good this time, I hope) that I realise the absolute havoc it is wreaking on the carefully composed hair and beauty routine I spent my lockdown months working on. 

Yep, the idyllic dream of sun-kissed skin and carefree beach hair has been replaced with an altogether much sweatier and stickier reality. From the humidity-induced frizz to the sweat-induced breakouts, I’m currently in a constant state of feeling just plain gross

One of the worst parts about this heat? Greasy hair. If you’ve noticed your hair getting much greasier, much faster in the warmer weather, you’re not alone. It seems that I’ve barely hopped out of the shower with freshly washed hair before my lustrous locks have been transformed into an oily nightmare. If this sounds familiar, read on. We’ll talk you through how to handle the heat. 

By Beth Ryan