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Highlights v. balayage

12/01/2016 / Don't try this at home

Beachy and blonde or high maintenance and highlighted? Our editorial director Liz Hambleton talks you through her personal preferences and the benefits of both sides of blonde…

I’m five years old.  I’m on holiday with my family and my hair is the most perfect shade of Timotei white blonde ever. Fast forward a few decades and it would be fair to say that re-creating this holy grail of hair colour has become something of an obsession. Now, i’m lucky enough to be blessed with the type of hair that catches the sun naturally but without the sun soaked holidays of summer it becomes a much darker shade of golden blonde. And that’s not ok with me.

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I find two sessions of balayage a year, with several beach bound holidays thrown in for good measure, to be the ultimate blonding cocktail.